Developing video communities in Latin America

Developing video communities in Latin America

How strong is the broadcasting industry in Latin America? 

Fuelled by sporting events such as the 2014 FIFA’s World Cup and the Olympic Games coming up, the pace of DTH growth is speeding up, mostly driven by DTH in Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

Reaching 24 million households and delivering over 500 channels in Latin America, SES is continuously investing to better serve the broadcasting industry in the region.

As a complement to our premium video neighbourhood on SES-6 at 40.5°W, we launched a new video neighbourhood on NSS-806 at 47.5°W last year, providing new capacity for video delivery and accommodating the increasing number of HD channels in the region.

Relentlessly striving to enhance our reach, we launched an antenna program for NSS-806 in 2014 to expand the reception of signals, with an initial database of 2500 sites. Offering 3.7 meter antennas and LNBs to cable and DTH operators in the region, the goal is to provide comprehensive reach, and to ensure our partners have 100% visibility and access to the programming of the satellite channels.

Once they receive the antenna, the operators need to follow a number of steps to install it. Support structure, elevation, assembly of the dish, mounting of the antenna feeds… Take a look at the different stages for the antenna to be set up and operational.