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ASTRA 5B - the countdown begins

Written on 22 Mar 2014

SES’ 56th satellite ASTRA 5B is scheduled to launch on the 22nd of March from the European Space Centre in French Guiana on board an Ariane 5 ECA rocket between 19:04 pm and 20:02 pm local time (23.04 -- 00.02 CET; 18.04 -- 19.02 EDT).

Watch the launch via:


Orbital position: 19.2 degrees East
Transponder: 1.037
Downlink frequency: 11023.25 MHz
Horizontal polarisation
Symbol rate: 22.0 MSym/s, FEC 5/6
Service ID: 5221 and 5222
Service name: "Astra 5B Launch SD" and "ASTRA 5B Launch HD"




Written on 22 Mar 2014