SASB Index

SASB Code SASB Metric SES Response
TC-TL-000.A, B, C Number of subscribers We do not size our networks in this way. We broadcast more than 8000 TV channels that reach over 1 billion people on our Video side of the business and we connect over 300 customers in 130 countries.
TC-TL-000.D Network traffic in Petabytes We do not size our network in this way. We operate over 50 GEO widebeam satellites, 4 GEO HTS satellites and 20 MEO HTS satellites.
TC-TL-130a.1 Total energy consumed (GJ) 324,69 GJ / 90,194 MWh
Percentage grid electricity 87,533 MWh
Percentage renewable energy 32,41%
TC-TL-220a.1 Description of policies and practices relating to behavioural advertising and customer privacy SES follows regulations in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect customer privacy. We do not provide customer data outside of our organization.
More information please reference our customer privacy statement.
TC-TL-220a.2 Number of customers whose information is used for secondary purposes We do not use customer information for secondary purposes.
TC-TL-220a.3 Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with customer privacy SES is not able to provide this data as it is proprietary and confidential.
TC-TL-220a.4 Number of government or law enforcement requests for customer information SES does not currently disclose the number of individual customers whose records were requested. The number of requests we receive is negligible.
Number of customers whose information was requested
Percentage resulting in disclosure
TC-TL-230a.1 Number of data security breaches: SES is committed to maintaining a secure network in which customer information is kept safe. Our policies on our network security and customer privacy can be found here.
Percentage involving customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) Except as required by law, SES does not report on the data breaches of our network.
Number of customers affected  
TC-TL-230a.2 Description of approach to identifying and addressing data security risks, including use of third-party cybersecurity standards Please see SES Security Brochure
TC-TL-440a.1 Materials recovered through take-back programs in metric tons SES has not implemented a take-back program for satellite equipment. Through our ESG strategy program we are investigating the viability of such a program.
Percentage of recovered materials that were a) reused, b) recycled and c) landfilled
TC-TL-520a.1 Total amount of monetary losses associated with anti-competitive behaviour regulations SES does not disclose this for legal reasons.
TC-TL-520a.2 Average actual sustained download speed of: SES does not measure download speeds as specified by these standards.
Owned and commercially associated content SES does not favour certain websites or internet applications by throttling internet traffic on the basis of content, application, service, user of use of nonharmful devices on its network.
Non-associated content We do not favour some traffic over other traffic in exchange for consideration from a third party or to benefit an affiliate. We will work with customers to best optimize their network at their request.
TC-TL-520a.3 Description of risks and opportunities associated with net-neutrality, paid peering, zero rating and related practices SES does not provide services that are impacted or might leverage the techniques listed here. We work with our customers to best optimize their network and connect them to the content they desire. We comply with local laws regarding the distribution of “illegal content”.
TC-TL-550a.1 System average interruption frequency SES provides an SLA to our customers depending on the service they have contracted.  For our MEO service, we can offer an SLA up to 99.5% network uptime. For GEO services, our network availability commitment is 99% -99.9%. The system interruption frequency and duration is highly dependent on the demarcation of the service the customer has contracted, the scope of our management of that service and the platform the service is offered on.
Customer average interruption duration
TC-TL-550a.2 Discussion of systems to provide unimpeded service during service interruptions SES works hard to ensure our network is available for our customers. Please refer to the Annual report page 67 Satellite Operations which describes the operational procedures for satellite control and payload management for nominal as well as emergency situations.