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SES offers an advanced solution for cable distributors and other MVPDs to distribute 4K UHD to their subscribers. First, we offer a trial period, and then a commercial partnership, where we provide distributors with access to our 4K Ultra HD platform using a pre-configured loaner Harmonic Proview 7100 receiver. This receiver enables distributors to view the channels to determine the technical feasibility of 4K Ultra HD in their cable distribution system, as well as to determine which programming is best suited for their subscribers. Learn more about our 4K Ultra HD services through the links provided.

We are pleased to announce that among all our current trial partners, the potential reach for our world-class 4K Ultra HD bouquet of programming has increased to approximately 30 million subscribers. For more information on becoming part of our 4K Ultra HD trial, email us at [email protected].

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“Ultra HD has arrived in Wisconsin and we’re just days away from delivering compelling 4K content to our subscriber homes. SES’s innovative and simplified platform solution has really allowed us to leap ahead to reliable and scalable technologies that have made the transition to Ultra HD much faster and more efficient.”

   ~Shane McCann, Network Engineer for Marquette- Adams

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