Crisis Response

Ensuring a coordinated crisis response

SES Networks

When disaster strikes, first responders are unable to rely on local terrestrial networks, which are frequently overloaded, damaged, or destroyed. Yet, reliable on-demand communication lines are essential for first responders to quickly and effectively coordinate response efforts. Satellite networks are critical to emergency communications strategies that enable governments, NGOs, and humanitarian organisations to access the network resources they need to rapidly restore communications.

Our crisis response solution lies at the heart of our life-saving operations across the globe. Providing uncontended, end-to-end network connectivity via our high-throughput Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) fleet, it enables the data-driven applications used by first responders. Portable, quick-deploy connectivity allows faster intervention in disaster-prone areas, and accelerates response and recovery efforts by providing resilient communications in the field—no matter how remote the location.

You will benefit from:

  • Quick-deploy GEO HTS capacity tailored to the needs of disaster-affected areas
  • Flexible service packages with bandwidth only, bandwidth and equipment, or a fully managed service with engineering support
  • Customisable bandwidth and equipment service options
  • Intelligent edge solutions that enhance and optimise local response operations


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Enabling Platforms and Services


High-performance HTS broadband with global reach.

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Skala Global Platform

Our next-generation ground system, optimised for the delivery of high-quality managed data services.

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Our next-generation MEO system offering multi-gigabit links with multi-terabit total system capacity.

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