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Enabling operations in crisis situations

SES Networks

When disaster strikes, communication networks face serious challenges. Whether the infrastructure is damaged or local cellular networks become overloaded, connectivity is key to an effective emergency response. A well-established emergency communications plan enables businesses, local governments and institutions to recover quickly, avoid disruption of their services and cloud-enabled applications, and pool back-up services as part of a wider community contingency and communications continuity plan.

Our Signature Government Solutions lie at the heart of life-saving recovery and response operations across the globe. Powered by our unique multi-orbit fleet, our quick-deploy connectivity services accelerate response and recovery by providing resilient communications in the fieldin record time.

You will benefit from:

  • Global coverage with quick-deploy capacity to any location on the globe
  • Proven experience with leading emergency communication platforms
  • Seamless communication across emergency and telephone services
  • Fibre-equivalent and cloud-optimised MEO network services, ensuring operational continuity and cloud-enabled applications

Enabling Platforms and Services


Low-latency, high-speed managed data services, with data rates up to 1Gbps.

Learn about O3b MEO

Skala Global Platform

A global managed platform designed to help operations scaleefficiently and effectively.

Learn about Skala Global Platform

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