Ultra HD in Europe

Consumers across the continent are now able to view the most lifelike and immersive content to date. The depth and detail of the image make your favourite live sports, nature shows, and Hollywood movies come to life! Ultra HD is now readily available – bringing the viewer experience to the next level.

Ultra HD - Beyond anything you have ever seen before

UHD growth
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Some of the most dynamic and high-quality content is broadcast in Ultra HD today. Ultra HD has four times the pixels of HDTV, enabling your audience to experience higher resolution, more colour, deeper contrast and higher image frequency, thanks to:  

●    BT.2020, a standard created by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), increases the number of displayable colours, while also providing finer gradients between colours
●    10-bit colour increases the number of shades for each primary colour from 256 to 1024, providing a total of one billion displayable colours
●    High Dynamic Range (HDR) increases contrast by enabling the signal to carry information about brighter pixels right from the broadcaster to the TV screen
●    High Frame Rates (HFR), will transmit at 100 frames per second instead of the current 50 frames per second, so fast-action sports and fast camera movements will become a lot smoother and sharper than they are today.

With the prices of Ultra HD screens in the European TV market decreasing, and the content on offer continuing to rise, the rate of adoption will only increase—in every market around the globe. The time to start planning the launch of your Ultra HD channel is now. And that’s where we can help.

Ultra HD and SES satellites

Live and linear Ultra HD content could simply be distributed around the globe with only one foundation, and that is through satellite. With four times the resolution to significantly improve the viewing experience, Ultra HD requires much high bandwidth—even with the efficiency of the HEVC encoding standard.

Today, our satellites already

●    Transmit to 351 million TV homes around the world
●    Reach 27.4 million Ultra HD ready homes in Europe
●    Deliver 12 demo channels over our key orbital positions in Europe to support the adoption of the Ultra HD standard
●    Carryover 50 Ultra HD channels worldwide, of which 38 are commercial


Bringing your content everywhere

Ultra HD Timeline
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At SES, we invest in the promotion of Ultra HD technology, and we’re fully engaged to take picture quality to the next level with the development of Ultra HD. We currently operate more than 50 Ultra HDlive channels, of which 12 are test channels, to help pay-TV operators and broadcasters test the technology. We deliver consistent bandwidth with 99.99936% reliability from our global fleet and secure ground network, ensuring we can take your Ultra HD content from anywhere to everywhere.

Transforming your Ultra HD ambitions into a successful commercial reality takes the right partner. As pioneers in broadcasting and Ultra HD adoption, we carry the highest number of Ultra HD channels and offer the broadest variety of Ultra HD content, including genres from fashion and sport to science and reality programming.