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Dear Valued Partner,

SES has engaged in a broad transformation and digitisation of its procurement in order to optimise our collaboration with our vendors. In this context, we are pleased to announce the upcoming deployment of our SAP Ariba platform.

This new platform will be used to facilitate communication and exchange electronic purchase orders and invoices with our vendors.

The new platform will be live in Q1 2019. We will keep you updated in a timely manner about go-live date.

Once the platform is live, all SES purchase orders will be sent to you via SAP Ariba. From then on, you will be kindly requested to send all your invoices to us via this platform.

SAP Ariba will enable an e-invoicing functionality for our common use and benefit.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Collaborate more effectively via electronic communication tools
  • Increased speed to send and receive orders and allow more efficient tracking
  • Increased real-time visibility on invoice payment status
    • Allows you to access the latest PO changes at any time; sources of data entry errors and mismatches are eliminated
  • Mitigate risk of late payment through better visibility and control across the invoice-to-pay process
  • Digitalized connection to your customers
    • Being one of the largest digital business networks in the world, the Ariba Network is used by many companies. The portal therefore offers you the opportunity to connect to other customers as well as to acquire new customers.

If you have any SES business-related question, please contact us at [email protected]. For technical questions, or other non-business-related questions, please contact SAP Ariba at [email protected]

New content will be posted on this page during the SAP Ariba rollout, but this page will also be the place where all relevant information about collaboration between SES and our vendors will be stored.

The Vendor Management & Procurement team

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