How will the company handle my onboarding? What will my first month look like?

We want your integration into SES to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We run a global onboarding programme at different locations, while also providing you with a tailored face-to-face experience on-site. Together with your line manager, we coordinate and monitor your onboarding through the first 100 days. Your dedicated HR representative and the “New at SES” section of the intranet, will ensure you get the answers you need.

Are flexible working hours possible?

We differentiate ourselves to our customers by providing a collaborative experience, and a level of service that far surpasses their expectations. To achieve this, we operate with core working hours (9:30-11:30 and 14:00-16:00). You have the possibility to adjust your start and end times for personal flexibility.

Are workspaces open-concept?

Our offices provide a variety of office settings, depending on location, team needs and the scope of your function. We ensure that all SES locations are a nice place to work.

Do I need to speak English fluently to work at SES?

English is our common language, and we expect all of our team members to have a good command of the language. Depending on your needs and those of the business, you may be provided the opportunity to take English lessons.

Is there a dress code?

Our dress code is business casual, so you can feel at ease while you are at work.

Does the company organize events for its employees?

We play host to a variety of local events, including informal get-togethers, parties, sports activities, and community activities. All of these are designed to help connect colleagues from different departments, and help you establish a social network at work.

What does the recruitment process look like?

Our recruitment process can take up to three months. We post our jobs internally to support the growth and career development of all of our people, with 50% of our vacancies filled by internal staff.  After that, we publish vacancies externally. It typically takes three to four weeks to generate a short-list of candidates to interview. During your interview, you will meet with a variety of people to gain insight into who you are and what drives you. Our employees will share their experience with the company. You can ask all of your questions, which will be answered openly and honestly. Most positions require a personality survey. There are no passes or fails on this test. We use the results as a basis for further discussion with you. Don’t hesitate to ask us about the outcome – we would be happy to share it with you. You may also be invited during your recruitment process to answer some questions via video, a nice opportunity to provide us with a complete view of what makes you unique.

With whom will I have an interview?

You will always have an interview with an HR person. You may also meet the hiring manager, members of the team or head of the department. Meeting different people during the recruitment process will allow you to obtain a complete view of what it looks like to work for SES.  Do not hesitate to ask all of your questions.

What is the rehire process for former SES employees?

Former employees are welcome to reapply for open positions at SES. They should follow the standard application process online.

Does SES perform a background check?

We take our recruitment process seriously. We will conduct background checks proportionate to the scope of the job. We look at references from previous employers, so please provide us with the names and contact details of previous managers. Additional checks may be taken – you will be informed about any extra checks in a transparent way.

Will my travel expenses for the interview be reimbursed?

Travel expenses, including flights, hotels or long distance drives, for candidates that live more than 100km away from the interview location will be reimbursed. These expenses need to be pre-approved by the hiring manager or HR manager.

Does SES offer relocation assistance?

Relocation assistance is possible for new employees. The assistance given is linked to the nature of the assignment.

Does SES provide support for work permit applications?

Work permit processes are complex and time consuming. For certain positions, we will assist with work permits, and help you through the process.