“The Douglas County PUD and SES are working together to showcase 4k TV. We look forward to demonstrating the ability of SES and next generation Ethernet networks to display ultra-high quality video to our customers. SES has been delivering reliable high quality satellite signals to Douglas PUD customers for years.”

~~ Ben Carter, DCCN Coordinator, Douglas County PUD.


“SDN Communications is proud to partner with SES in testing the next generation of video programming. The process and equipment setup has been a breeze; SES was forthright and quick to respond to any questions. The ability to test the newest methods of encoding and video transport through SDN Communications’ IP network is exciting. It allows SDN to be at the forefront of new and emerging technologies while continuing to provide the best services available to our members and customers.”

~~ Leonard Stewart, Headend Engineer, SDN Communications.


Hotwire Communications is thrilled at the opportunity to begin testing and delivering SES’s 4k Ultra HD programming over its all fiber network. SES continues to be a great partner, ensuring Hotwire Communications is on the forefront of 4K delivery.

~~ Jonathan Bullock, VP Corporate Development & Government, Hotwire Communications


“We here at KPU TV are very excited to have the ability to test and offer 4K Ultra HD to our customers. With the increase in sales of 4K TVs in our community the requests for this service are increasing and our customers are very excited at the new prospective offering. We at KPU TV are happy to be working with SES to achieve this goal and to be the first company in Ketchikan Alaska to offer 4K Ultra HD TV.”

~~ Jeff Hendrickson, Video Headend Technician, KPU TV, KPU Telecommunications


“We here at SELCO are looking forward to the opportunity to implement 4k Ultra HD in our testing environment. With the ever-increasing change of the television industry being able to prepare for the future demands is at the forefront of our visions.”

~~ Jeffrey Black, Headend Systems Engineer, SELCO


“GVTC is very excited to be officially part of the SES 4K UHD trial. Our unique testing environment will provide valuable information to SES as they continue to pioneer 4K UHD development. SES’s feedback in this process will be very valuable as GVTC develops its 4K readiness to make this wonderful technology available to our customers as soon as possible.”

~~ Dennis Krumblis, Video Engineering Supervisor, GVTC


“Ultra HD is on the verge of becoming an exciting reality for our subscribers, who are buying new Ultra HD TVs in anticipation of the best viewing experience available today. enTouch is well positioned to provide game-changing 4K content quickly and cost effectively to our customers across the Greater Houston area, thanks to our collaboration with SES and its breakthrough Ultra HD solution.”

~~ Danny White, Director of Product Management, enTouch Systems


“We will soon be testing a great mix of 4K movies, cutting-edge TV shows, news and sporting event coverage from SES’s growing, satellite-based Ultra HD platform, with plans to deliver Ultra HD to subscriber homes on the horizon. The fact that the SES solution works over existing, high-capacity DOCSIS 3.0 cable networks and traditional digital QAM will enable us to be flexible in how we distribute Ultra HD content in our markets.”

~~ Brad Mefferd, Chief Administrative Officer, Buckeye Broadband


“Ultra HD has arrived in Wisconsin and we’re just days away from delivering compelling 4K content to our subscriber homes. SES’s innovative and simplified platform solution has really allowed us to leap ahead to reliable and scalable technologies that have made the transition to Ultra HD much faster and more efficient.”

~~ Shane McCann, Network Engineer for Marquette- Adams