21 - 24 JAN 2024
Honolulu, Hawaii


Aloha! SES is set to showcase our leadership in connecting communities, governments, and enterprises around the world. Join us!

Year after year, the PTC’s Annual Conference draws over 8,000 attendees, making it a vital springboard for the global communications industry. This four-day event offers a strategic platform for all participants, providing a dedicated space to strategise, forge valuable connections, and explore the forthcoming trends in the ever-evolving ICT industry.

Discover the Power of SES's Multi-orbit Satellite-enabled Network

Experience the power of SES’s multi-orbit satellite-enabled network, featuring the next-generation O3b mPOWER system. This is your opportunity to witness how SES is driving digital transformation across the globe.

Performance delivered

Engage at SES’s Hospitality Suite, Tapa Tower

Connect with our team at the Hospitality Suite, Tapa Tower, and discover the possibilities offered by multi-orbit satellite-enabled solutions. Discover how our solutions provide the competitive edge needed for your connectivity requirements.

Visit Our Exhibit Cubicle at PTC Hub, MPCC

Step into our Exhibit Cubicle at PTC Hub, MPCC, for an immersive O3b mPOWER VR demonstration. Immerse yourself in the capabilities of SES through our unique Story Explorer Experience display.

Schedule a meeting with SES

Connect with SES to learn more about our solutions and uncover what drives SES, the world's only multi-orbit satellite player.