07 - 11 NOV 2022
CTICC, Cape Town

Africa Tech Festival

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Africa Tech Festival

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For their 25th anniversary, Africa Tech Festival returns to the CTICC in Cape Town, bringing you more content and topics shaping Africa’s present and future, including their Awards Ceremony and famous Afest.

The Africa Tech Centre Stage represents the intersection of technology innovation and enterprise digital transformation. The AfricaCom stage will focus on Connectivity Infrastructure and Digital Inclusion, with an emphasis on topics such as Service Provider Technology, Mission Critical Technologies and 5G for Africa.

This year, SES is a gold sponsor and will feature on various discussions to highlight strides in Africa to foster new drivers of economic and social transformation, innovation, governance, and regional integration. Make sure to join the conversation!

Tuesday 8 November Wednesday 9 November
Cloud Computing is Driving an African Infrastructure Revolution
12:10 - 12:50 SAST
Building Free to air communities in Africa - reaching the next
1 Billion people

11:50 - 12:10 SAST
Speaker: Deepak Mathur
Leveraging High Bandwidth Satellite Connectivity to Deliver Coverage to the Most Remote Areas in West Africa
12:10 - 12:35 SAST
Speaker: Abou Diallo
Delivering High Speed Connectivity to North Africa’s Underserved Areas
12:50 - 13:15 SAST
Speaker: Bechara Baradhi
  Winning Audiences in Today's Ever Changing TV Landscape
12:55 - 13:20 SAST
Speaker: Theodore Asampong
  How satellite connectivity is enabling Digital Inclusion in DRC
14:25 - 14:55 SAST
Speakers: Daniel Schapiro & Asaf Rosenheck [Gilat Telecom]

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Get ahead of industry change: A new era of secure, multi-gigabit, cloud-enabled connectivity

As today’s viewers hop between screens, both big and small, broadcasters are finding life a little less simple. Audience attention is split between traditional television, streaming services and social media, and it is cheaper than ever for competitors to enter the market. With a reach of 366M+ TV households and connection to over 1 billion people, SES provides a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end managed video solutions for broadcasters, platform operators, sports organizations, and media companies, with unparalleled reach and reliability.

This year in Cape Town, you will get to see a real O3b mPOWER terminal as we prepare to launch next-level connectivity. O3b mPOWER is the newest Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite constellation in our multi-orbit ecosystem, enabling you to design a future-proof network strategy without the limitations of capacity, speed, or reach.

Think low end-to-end latency, ultra-high-throughput connections direct form any remote site to your cloud service provider or core network, bringing your teams together like never before. This is what our next-generation MEO constellation, O3b mPOWER, will bring to the world’s leading industries.

Meet the SES team at Africa Tech Festival 2022 to learn more about our solutions and uncover what drives SES, the world's only multi-orbit satellite player.

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Deepak Mathur
Deepak Mathur
SES Video EVP, Global Sales
Imran Malik
Imran Malik
SES SVP, Global Sales, ROW except Americas
Carole Kamaitha
Caroline Kamaitha - CK
SES Vice President, Fixed Data Africa
Theodore Asampong
Theodore Asampong
West Africa Platform Services Ltd CEO
Abou A. Diallo
SES Sales Director, Fixed Data Africa
Bechara Baradhi
Bechara Baradhi
SES Sales Director, Africa
Daniel Schapiro
Daniel Schapiro
SES Sales Director, Africa
Asaf Rosenheck
Asaf Rosenheck
Gilat Telecom COO

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