The Road to Cyber Resilience

Developing a shared approach to cybersecurity

A single point of vulnerability. Thousands of companies affected. Cyber-attacks, such as supply chain attacks, target the weakest link in your value chain to gain access to your entire ecosystem—you, your network partners, and your customers.

In today’s complex threat landscape, implementing cybersecurity measures at an organisational level alone is not enough. Your entire value chain needs to be continuously vigilant, aligning with cybersecurity strategies that work.

You are responsible for securing your customers’ data as it traverses your network. Partnering with us helps. Together, we can align security policies to customer needs and share the responsibility for cybersecurity.

Work together with us, your network partners, and customers to meet and exceed security standards:

  • Take a holistic approach
  • Jointly devise an information security programme
  • Constantly monitor and update security policies within your organisation, and every entity throughout your value chain
  • Simplify the future of cyber resilience with proactive measures to create a layered cybersecurity practice 

Our multi-layered approach to cybersecurity

At SES, we focus on a defense in depth (DiD) architecture, incorporating a series of security controls to enable multi-layered defence against cyber threats. Over time, we have built transparent and mutually beneficial partnerships through a three-step cyber resilience strategy: Share. Simplify. Scale.

Move away from the previously myopic approach to cybersecurity. As partners, we can develop a more proactive, holistic strategy that facilitates security throughout the entire network ecosystem. Implement our “Share. Simplify. Scale.” mindset to start the journey towards building a more secure future for everyone—together.


Share the responsibility

We take a shared approach to cybersecurity. And we inspire everyone we work with to do the same. Working together with our customers and partners, we’ve built a reliable system for handling sensitive data spanning our entire ecosystem.


Simplify partnerships

We consistently meet and surpass security standards, aligning our policies with those of our customers and partners. This helps us to have simpler conversations around security measures and requirements, ensuring ease of business moving forward.


Scale together

A shared approach to cyber resilience, embracing standardised security practices, creates a foundation for us to grow and scale together with our customers and partners.

Cyber Security Planning Guide Cover Image

Planning Guide

Download the Cybersecurity planning guide and find out more about:

  • Supply Chain Attacks
  • Defense in depth (DiD) architecture
  • Cybersecurity in partnership
Download the Planning Guide

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