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We have three active Equality and Inclusion Working groups that align to our global D&I focus. These groups are employee-established and governed communities that exist to help break down bias and barriers.

This initiative is supported by our commitment to the Diversity charter of Luxembourg, which we signed in 2020. Our 'Gender Working Group' focuses on increased opportunities for women, or any person identifying as woman. The 'Ethnicity Working Group' strives for better representation of minority groups at all levels within SES. And the 'General Group' tackles diversity and inclusion in the broadest sense. We are committed to giving everyone a seat at the table and creating a safe discussion space for all.


"I expect to listen to others and to be heard. I expect to be able to share my experience with issues related to my ethnicity, and for others to come forward and do the same. This so we all can be inspired and collectively think of platforms or ways to change what can be better at SES, such as better representations and opportunities for minorities."
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Remarkable Everyone

In the tone of 2020 and our ongoing efforts to contribute to a more inclusive future, we are now making #IamRemarkable workshops available to employees. An inspiration initiative empowering women and other underrepresented groups, #IamRemarkable encourages people to own their achievements—in the workplace and beyond.

Originally created by two Google employees to raise awareness and help make women more comfortable with self-promotion, the 90-minute workshop has now been adapted to develop the skills of everyone, no matter who or where they are. #IamRemarkable has currently reached 120,000 participants in more than 120 countries to phenomenal response, and with help of this resource we, at SES, want to facilitate bright futures for everyone... even those who sometimes feel left in the dark.


"The best part was the exercise on personal and professional accomplishments. I never realised how much I'd achieved until yesterday. I wonder why I always let myself feel so inadequate. This changes now."
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