Diversity & Inclusion

At SES, we pride ourselves on bringing the best to our customers, wherever they are and whatever their needs and challenges. And we recognise that bringing together an SES team of diverse individuals with different life experiences, different backgrounds, and from different geographies and cultures, is paramount to serving these customers today and to helping us decipher the world’s communication needs of tomorrow.

SES is a truly international company represented by 78 different nationalities. The top five nationalities by number of employees are the US (586 employees), Germany (332), Israel (205), the UK (176) and France (122). As of 31 December 2018, the Group employed 2,147 individuals worldwide. 82% are located in Europe or US (vs 81% in 2017) including: 584 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, 593 in the rest of Europe, 592 in the United States and 378 in the rest of the world.

SES has an overall healthy age distribution with an average age of 43.3 (vs 43.8 in 2017). 42% of our employees are aged 40 and below and 11% are aged 30 and below (this is a stable figure compared to 2017).

Women represent 24% of our workforce (vs 23% in 2017) and in the age category below 30 they represent 28% of the workforce. Women represent around 8% of our top executives. Over 40% of employees below the age of 30 are women and these figures highlight real progress at SES within the area of gender diversity. Furthermore, 25% of the participants in our High Potential Programme are women, which again indicates positive evolution for the future.

The SES Board is composed by 13 members, 9 men and 4 women (2 which are Vice-Chairpersons) and a total of 7 nationalities.