We are dedicated to the principles of sustainable development, and align the conduct of our companies, staff and suppliers to industry-wide best practices. We work to continuously improve our environmental performance so we can reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

Our main activities are office and technology-based, so our environmental impact is light overall. Within our operations, we promote the most efficient use of energy and natural resources. We have successfully implemented a programme for the cogeneration of power, and our waste recycling programme aims to avoid, reduce and recycle waste materials as efficiently as possible, subject to independent third-party audits and quality control.

We regularly conduct a company-wide carbon footprint assessment that covers all of our operations. Since 2008, we have reported the CO2 emissions of our operations through our participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), collecting data from all of our business activities and locations. In 2014, the activities related to operating and commercialising our satellite fleet, as well as general administration, finance and marketing, generated approximately 35,087 tonnes of CO2 emissions worldwide. Our overall emissions were reduced by 3,681 tonnes (-9%) compared with 2013. Scope 1 emissions (gas, fuel, refrigerants, car fleet) were reduced by 19%, while Scope 2 emissions (heat, steam and electricity consumption) represented the largest component of our total emissions for 2014 at 48%. Scope 3 emissions (including business travel and staff commutes) has decreased by 3,296 tonnes to 33% overall. Our teleports generate the largest share of emissions from Scope 1 and Scope 2 sources.

In Luxembourg, we operate a combined heat and power unit (CHP) to reduce the emissions load of the general grid. Our Luxembourg and Sweden operations have used electricity sourced from hydropower (considered CO2-free) since January 2010. Using renewable energy has had a significant impact on our carbon emissions in Luxembourg (an estimated 6,000 tonnes). Due to the carbon accounting rules, these improvements in our emissions are not reflected in our carbon disclosure figures. When it comes to outsourced activities, such as the manufacturing and launching of spacecraft, we apply industry best practices to minimise the environmental impact. We also ensure the amount of radiation emitted from our Earth stations respects or remains below the maximum levels defined by the countries in which we operate. Compliance is checked through yearly internal and third-party audits by accredited organisations that specialise in the field of industrial safety.