ASTRA 5B - Launch delayed by 24 hours

Meteorological conditions at the Spaceport in French Guiana on March 20, 2014 did not allow the authorization of Flight VA216’s launcher transfer from the Final Assembly Building to the launch zone... Read more

Martin Halliwell about ASTRA 5B

As we are getting closer to the launch of ASTRA 5B, watch the video to learn more about SES' 56th satellite.   Read more

Ten things about the ASTRA 5B

            ASTRA 5B:   1. Was built by EADS Astrium in Toulouse, France, based on the highly reliable Eurostar E3000 platform. 2. Will be the eighth Eurostar satellite in the SES fleet, f... Read more

SES at Sochi 2014

This year' s Winter Olympic Games have brought together a global viewing audience of astonishing 3 billion people. SES' satellite fleet was there to provide media coverage and bring many gr... Read more

SES in Asia Pacific

SES in Asia Pacific is on the fast track, with many new opportunities ahead. With nearly 900 channels reaching over 30 million pay TV homes, SES is the leading satellite operator in the region. W... Read more

The enduring appeal of C-band

Mention C-band in the satcoms business and it’s likely to conjure images of enormous satellite antennas dominating 1970s American backyards while proud owners enjoy sports feeds. Satellite TV has ... Read more

Electra to spark a new era for satellites

The satellite TV we enjoy so much and the satcoms networks that more and more organisations have come to rely on, all exist thanks to the imagination and ingenuity of technology pioneers, people wh... Read more

In focus: the Middle East

Demand for satellite capacity continues to surge throughout the MEA region. Increasing popularity of new technologies and demand for reliable and high-speed connectivity presents a great opportunit... Read more

Uniting the world to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela

As SES satellites transmit live events to news agencies worldwide from Soweto, South Africa, millions of viewers around the world join the nation to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela, the country’s fir... Read more