Satellite TV – everyone’s favourite dish

People just love satellite TV, and the global direct to home (DTH) audience keeps growing in their millions. There’s no mystery. With one phone call, you can arrange installation of a consumer-fri... Read more

O3b is helping millions get closer

O3b is making the dream of reliable voice and high-speed internet a reality for millions worldwide who are underserved by their local infrastructure.With its core mission never far from mind – just... Read more

SES at CommunicAsia 2013

Last month, Singapore set the stage for the annual CommunicAsia Exhibition and Conference as well as for the CASBAA Satellite Industry forum, which took place one day earlier. Here, the satellite o... Read more

Ten things about ASTRA 2E

Photo Credits - ASTRIUM
It’s almost time for the launch of SES’ 54th satellite, ASTRA 2E. As we look forward to the launch, here are some quick facts that you would like to know about the spacecraft.       The ASTRA 2... Read more

O3b satellites successfully launched

The first four O3b satellites launched aboard the Arianspace Soyuz launch vehicle early last evening. This was one of the industry’s most anticipated launches of the year. O3b is deploying a revol... Read more

ASTRA 2E arrives at Baikonur!

SES is excited to announce that our global fleet of 53 satellites will soon be joined by a new one, ASTRA 2E, scheduled for launch on July 21st. ASTRA 2E, which has safely arrived at the Baikonur ... Read more

SAT-IP wins Readership award 2013

SES is delighted to announce that the readers of the well renowned German magazine Digitalfernsehen have voted SAT-IP as the greatest innovation in the category “satellite and cable” in the context... Read more

SES-6 succesful launch

SES is very pleased to report the first successful launch in the year 2013: Following yesterday’s lift-off onboard a Proton launcher from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, SES-6 was successful... Read more

SES-6 readying for launch

It’s exciting time for SES as we prepare for the launch of SES-6 our 53rd satellite and the first of the four SES satellite launches planned in 2013. Manufactured at EADS Astrium in Toulouse, Franc... Read more

SES-6 arrives at Baikonur Cosmodrome

SES’ 53rd satellite, SES-6 is scheduled for launch on the 3rd of June 2013 on board an ILS Proton Breeze M rocket. The launch will take place form Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, where the space... Read more

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