Behind the scenes of Europe’s first free-to-air Ultra HD channel,

The German shopping channel will broadcast in Ultra HD come September. We caught up with Dr. Michael Sichler, the man who has his vision set on Ultra HD.

Being the first in Europe to launch a free-to-air Ultra HD channel is no small feat. It takes months of thinking-out-of-the box content production, endless testing and tedious preparations. Nonethe... Read more

Satellite TV in the highest village of Europe

Located at an altitude of 2220 meters, the entire village of Ushguli, Georgia, have switched to digital satellite television.

SES’s Georgian mobile and telecommunication business partner MagtiCom announced earlier this month during a press conference in Mestia, Georgia, the launch of the project “MagtiSat’s Digital Broadc... Read more

SES makes broadcast history at NAB and INTX

Teaming with innovators to deliver the world’s first live and linear Ultra HD to cable system

The reality of Ultra HD was the big story at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas. Together with a team of technology partners, SES led a successful first-of-its-kind Live Ultra HD broadcast demonstration at NAB... Read more

Satellite Monitor: a look at the broadcasting industry

Ultra HD, multi-screen viewing, online TV… The world of broadcasting is evolving, and satellite keeps playing a key role in delivering content

Last week, SES hosted a conference in London to announce that its reach has increased to 312 million TV homes, and thus reaches over 1.1 billion people – the results of its annual market research, ... Read more

SPELL: A story of vision, innovation and execution

In 2007, SES’s technical team needed to address the issue of tight schedules prior to satellite launches. When the satellite procedures were delivered in different languages from different manufact... Read more

SES at CABSAT - What's in store?

SES-9, SES-12, Ultra HD and SAT>IP on the programme

CABSAT will take place on the 10th - 12th March in Dubai. It will be the opportunity for SES to present our innovative new developments, show exciting new projects we are working on across the regi... Read more

Joining the human highway

By Karim Michel Sabbagh, President and CEO of SES

The most important challenge of our times is to connect everyone on this planet. Why? Because universal connection through the digital highway will give us the earliest and best chance of dealing ... Read more

Ultra HD: the way forward

Where in the world is Ultra HD (UHD) now a reality? Where is the programming? What is currently being produced in UHD? What are the next steps? What’s the difference between UHD-1 Phase 1, UHD-1 Ph... Read more