Delivering reliable, high-speed broadband connectivity to Africa

The launch of SES Enterprise+ Broadband in five African nations marks the entry of high-speed broadband that’s simple, affordable and capable of supporting almost every business application.

From banking to retail, this is how broadband should be, says Krasimira Bozhinkova, Vice President, Data Portfolio Management at SES. Africa has around 1 billion people—15% of the world's popu... Read more

The resolution evolution

As 2016 is starting and everybody’s eyes are set on the year ahead of us, I think it’s a great opportunity to sum up 2015 with these words: The resolution evolution! In 2015 the total number of TV... Read more

Engineered for success: What went into the design of SES’s first HTS satellite

Each satellite put into space generates a certain amount of excitement in the industry, and this is even greater for the upcoming SES-12, SES’s first High Throughput Satellite (HTS).

Rendering of SES-12. Credit: Airbus Defence and Space
Vice President of System Architecture Jean-Pierre Choffray, a 14-year SES veteran, gives the lowdown on what went into the design and planning phases of SES-12. SES-12 will be a replacement for NS... Read more

Satellite – A Critical Infrastructure for Defence and Security

Speech by President and CEO of SES, Karim Michel Sabbagh at the Berlin Security Conference held on Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. The omnipresent goal of our times is to connect everyone on this planet. Notwithstanding, when we look at the number of geopolitical challenges we are facing, ... Read more

Why we need more Ku-band to meet global demand for connectivity

Samuel Blondeau, Senior Manager, Spectrum Management & Development at SES, shares why the satellite industry has put a request to be allocated additional spectrum in the Ku-band at the WRC-15.

At the ITU’s World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRC) in Geneva this month, quite a bit of attention will be focused on Ku-band. Under agenda item 1.6, the WRC-15 will table a discussion to answe... Read more

How have C-band satellite services improved our world?

By Patrick van Niftrik, Vice President of Spectrum Management and Development EMEA at SES

In the last 40 years, our lives have changed drastically thanks to connectivity via satellite. We have gained a new world of possibilities: watch a football match live despite it being played  in a... Read more