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World Radiocommunication Conference 2015

The satellite industry is safeguarding C-band, key to connect businesses and communities in developing countries

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Presidency of the Council of the European Union

From 1 Jul to 31 Dec, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg will occupy the rotating Presidency for the 12th time.

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SES-9: Launching in 2015

Delivering unrivalled coverage and reliable connectivity in Asia-Pacific.

Africa on the rise

The place for international business



25 Nov 16:57

RT @sspi: Alan Kuresevic to accept Better Satellite World award @ses_satellites on 4 Dec in London https://t.co/wVhF7Xa7mh for Emergency.lu…


25 Nov 16:42

Thanks to #Cband4Satellite, populations can be warned about adverse weather events and be prepared in advance: https://t.co/xPuH0nbhQo


25 Nov 14:17

Our comprehensive #satellite coverage over the African continent ensures we're the primary video solutions partner https://t.co/FG4sfz3oyv


Fleet and coverage