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The Story of Why Ultra HD is Ready for Primetime, and Why SES is in Pole Position

Written on 01 Sep 2015

The Ultra HD Revolution

What do telecasts of haute couture shows, professional football events and nu metal rock concerts have in common?

It depends on when you were asked this question. If it was several years back, the answer would probably be: ‘nothing very much’. However, in 2014, the answer would have been crystal clear: Ultra HD (also referred to as 4K)1.

At the end of 2014, two televised rock concerts took place featuring Linkin Park and Die Fantastischen Vier (The Fantastic Four), two highly popular bands acclaimed for pushing their respective musical genres to exciting new heights. What we saw at the concerts were the usual legions of screaming fans, the musicians performing their hearts out on stage, and the roadies in their black shirts running around to make sure sets went off without a hitch.

Written on 01 Sep 2015


The story of why Ultra HD is ready for primetime, and why SES is in pole position