Satisfying Insatiable Demand with Infinite Choice

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Entering the Zettabyte Era: Satellite Plays a Key Role in Future Hybrid Communication Networks

Written on 01 Jul 2014

Upheaval in the Global Video Market

The global market for video content delivery is undergoing an upheaval of major proportions; virtually all the previous limitations in this market: space, time, size, cost, complexity and functionality no longer deflect consumer demands for more content, better quality, wider access, increased choice and faster delivery.

Multiple screens are almost everywhere, from living rooms to large cinemas and from giant outdoor screens to inside pockets; they offer almost unlimited content, dozens of platforms, providers and networks. Consumers’ expectation for high-speed, high-quality service anywhere, anytime, triggers a historically unprecedented demand for bandwidth and network capacity.

The network giant Cisco predicts an increase in annual global IP traffic to a mind-blowing one Zettabyte – one thousand billion Gigabytes – by 2016.

Heavier and heavier individual usage could require as much as a 100-fold increase – or even more – in multi-connected households’ data consumption in Europe. Can networks cope with this?

Can operators afford such traffic? Can we expect it to generate residual, if any, transport value? Is the implied carbon footprint explosion acceptable? Would citizens have equal access to the content?

The answer to all of these questions is far from a straightforward “yes”.

Written on 01 Jul 2014


Satisfying Insatiable Demand with Infinite Choice