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Taking your video strategy to the next level

The rise in online video consumption is transforming traditional business models. To adapt to changes in viewer behaviour, you might consider supplementing your current offering with online streaming bundles. Or you may want to introduce video as a core component of your telecommunications or mobile service—so you can deliver a new video offering to existing customers, and bring more subscribers onto your network.

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As you expand into video, your existing customer base—and access to user data—can give you a competitive edge. Yet, adapting to meet complex content aggregation and distribution requirements for multi-device viewing can mean a slower time to market. We invest in the right technology and infrastructure, and provide you with extensive technical expertise—so your transition into a new business model can be quick and efficient.

Channel Playout
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Linear broadcasting made easy

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At SES we:

  • offer you end-to-end solutions to manage your video supply chain
  • provide advanced content aggregation, management, and distribution processes
  • ensure flawless viewing experiences for your customers—on any device they choose
  • ingest your content from multiple destinations, and make sure that it is transcoded for multi-platform access
  • are constantly innovating to provide better distribution solutions—so your viewers can enjoy standard-definition (SD), high-definition (HD ), and Ultra HD content on your video platforms
  • offer content monetisation tools including online video platform and ad insertion, to help you take advantage of new ad-based and subscription-based revenue models.
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