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Experiencing the Moment

With events like the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup, it’s like the whole world is watching. Broadcasters around the world trust us to provide seamless point-to-point satellite links for contributing and distributing content from one location to audiences around the globe.

Whether you’re sending content back to the studio for integration into your programming, or contributing complete content to a teleport for broadcast via satellite or other infrastructures, we can help.

Our sports & events services ensure your signals are distributed according to an optimised transmission scheme for both occasional use and full-time contribution, while our media services company MX1 offers a one-stop-shop for all sports related media aggregation, management and delivery. Share your view of breaking news or planned events with capacity to cover the latest news, live sports or entertainment (such as concerts and reality shows) to the widest audience with the best viewing experience.

You will benefit from:

  • Short term capacity to broadcast from minutes to months
  • The ability to transmit high-bandwidth content, such as HD and Ultra HD
  • Extremely reliable services from ground to satellite
  • Full package solutions including technical consulting services
  • Easy bundling with our teleport services
  • Flexible online booking that offers segments from 15 minutes to 3 months
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Global, 24/7 customer support
  • Allow booking of capacity up to 90 days in advance
  • A wide range of media services from content aggregation, content management, channel playout, online video/VOD service, optimised content distribution over satellite fibre and IP

OU Flex

Broadcasters and media content producers in the field are facing new challenges in a connected world. Viewers want to have instant access to breaking news and live sports events wherever they are, and they want to watch it all in the highest video quality available.

MX1’s OU Flex solution combines traditional DVB links with full-service IP connectivity, providing guaranteed quality of service with minimal infrastructure investment and low operating costs. With tailored packages for media communications, IP video streaming, social media and file transfer, OU Flex provides maximum flexibility, helping you increase your revenues while saving time and costs through centralised production.

Learn more about MX1’s OU Flex solution

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