Broadcast is by far the best method to deliver your high quality content to a large audience.

More than 40 DTH platforms rely on our satellites and our 30 years of experience to launch and successfully operate their business. As the leading provider of direct-to-home broadcast services in Europe, we distribute over 2,600 free-to-air, free-to-view and pay-TV channels, as well as video-on-demand content to more than 62 million homes in Europe and North Africa.

Our Astra video neighbourhood serves over 55 million DTH homes in Europe. This provides you with unmatched market penetration in the key European markets, including Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Wherever you are in your DTH journey, we can help.

Reach Redefined
As more regions transition from analogue to digital TV, terrestrial networks are being pushed beyond their capacity to deliver programming. Saturated networks decrease performance for all viewers, leading to poor image quality, lost packets, and buffering. Unaffected by difficult terrain or long distances from urban centres, satellite provides the same high-quality picture and broad range of content to all viewers within the footprint, without the need for heavy investment in ground infrastructure.

Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite services enable media and telecommunications companies to bring new content to audiences across the globe. It also provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to diversify their business holdings by investing in this profitable and growing market. The DTH market currently counts 424.7 million homes worldwide, and is expected to grow by 10% to 468.4 million homes by 2020. (Source: Ampere Analysis)

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Andrew Wang Kiwisat "SES has deep experience starting a Direct-to-Home TV service from zero, and they gave us everything we needed. We have full confidence in working with SES to achieve our goals."
Andrew Wang, CEO at Kiwisat

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