Advanced IP Contribution

Creating content is just the beginning - you also need to get the content to your audience.

Many content providers contribute their video content via satellite, yet in some regions this can be cost prohibitive. If you’re a content provider or content aggregator in the emerging markets, in regions with good terrestrial connectivity, we can help contribute your content in a cost-effective alternative to satellite.

SES’s Advanced IP Contribution is a software-based platform that enables global transmission of broadcast-quality HD video over private IP networks and the public internet.

Easy to install, the solution uses advanced technologies to manage jitter, packet-loss and latency to minimise errors in video transmission – so your audience receives the smooth video experience they’re expecting. It’s ideal for use in many African cities, where terrestrial connectivity is sufficient, yet other methods of contribution prove costly.

You will benefit from:

  • The ability to distribute video content in regions where satellite contribution is cost prohibitive
  • Easy installation and quick deployment
  • Reliable video transmission at an affordable price
  • Responsive, software deployed to preconfigured or pre-existing hardware at your premises

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