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Written on 01 Jan 2018

ASTCA opens new opportunities to American Samoa with SES Networks

ASTCA, American Samoa has deployed a blended fiber and satellite network, impacting businesses and the community in the region. Using this advanced combination of undersea cable and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite connectivity, ASTCA’s network has no single point of failure if there were to be an issue with the fibre line, and can use the 2 paths into the network for load balancing on a day to day basis. The fibre-like features of the SES Networks capacity enables American Samoa to attract industry from education, high tech and environmental, all for the betterment of the American Samoa economy.



Delivering high-speed connectivity to remote Pacific Islands presents a number of challenges.  In American Samoa, citizens, businesses and visitors are seeking high-quality broadband connectivity, despite their location on the globe.

ASTCA provides local service and worldwide long distance connections to the main island and principal outer islands of American Samoa. More than 80% of the islands households subscribe to ASTCA’s telephone services. Bringing affordable, yet state-of-the-art broadband capacity to the islands was the company’s next big step.

Our partnership has enabled ASTCA to double the broadband capacity available to its residents, significantly improving network speeds, reliability, and providing redundancy for the submarine fibre-optic system. ASTCA’s unique and innovate implementation of our trunking solution blends satellite broadband with fibre-optic capacity that runs below the sea. This solution ensures customers see a blended latency of less than 90 milliseconds throughout the day.

“We are excited about the launch of the Trunk solution, and how well it has blended with the existing submarine fibre-optic capacity,” says Roy Hall, Jr., Chairman of ASTCA. “Internet access is extremely important to the way our territory is changing, and it greatly impacts our ability to integrate with the world economy and participate in opportunities that require technological foundations. The Trunk solution is also critical to the success of the Broadband Linking the American Samoa Territory (BLAST) Project, which will link the main islands of American Samoa to make it possible to deliver true broadband services to every household, business and critical institution.”

Written on 01 Jan 2018