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Digitally Transforming Operations and IT/OT Data

Energy companies explore, develop and produce the energy that powers everyday ambitions and new economic opportunities in urban, rural and remote communities. Whether it’s SCADA and IoT sensors monitoring the health of pipelines, or voice and video services that keep rig crews connected with friends and family back home, SES Networks can help. Oil and gas, mining, hydro, wind and solar energy companies and their ecosystems rely on SES Networks’ multi-orbit, multi-band GEO and MEO satellite fleets to provide secure, high-performance network connections to all of their data, assets and people – no matter how remote or widespread.

SES Networks’ global infrastructure connects both on- and off-shore IT and OT assets to maximize uptime, and enhance safety and operational efficiency.  No other provider ensures such high-performance, low-latency resilient satellite-enabled network solutions to connect your oil and gas platforms, floating production storage offloading units (FPSO), drilling rigs, offshore support vessels (OSV), mining operations, and cloud and legacy data – wherever you or they are around the globe.

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