Emergency Response

SES Networks

Providing Communication When Disaster Strikes

When a natural or man-made disaster hits, communication is vital to both the organisations coordinating help and the affected people on the ground. Terrestrial communication services are often damaged in the aftermath, or become overloaded making connecting with the rest of the world challenging or impossible.

Available 24/7, emergency.lu is a comprehensive platform that consists of satellite infrastructure and capacity, communication tools and coordination service, and satellite ground terminals and transportation cases that can be promptly deployed to restore communications on the ground within 12 to 20 hours following a crisis. This enables organisations to quickly implement and coordinate rescue efforts. A public-private partnership, emergency.lu relies on our network and services to configure and operate the platform, partners such as Hitec Luxembourg and Luxembourg Air Rescue, and SES satellites for vital connectivity to support relief efforts.

Customers will benefit from:

  • Essential communication links during times of disaster
  • Immediate coverage via stand-by capacity reserved for relief efforts
  • Support for multiple end-to-end services adapted to humanitarian needs

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