SES Annual Report 2018

12 100% Delivers linear and non-linear audiovisual content to the highest standard in all formats and via all distribution channels. 100% QuetzSat is a Mexican satellite operator that serves Mexico and the US with DTH TV services. QuetzSat operates from the orbital position 77°W. 70% Ciel is a Canadian satellite service that works to bring the highest quality digital television and broadband services to homes and businesses throughout North America. Currently using orbital positions 129°W, 103°W and 86.5°W. GovSat is a 50/50 public-private partnership between SES and the Luxembourg government. GovSat-1 is a multi-mission satellite that uses X-band and Military Ka-band frequencies on high-power and fully steerable mission beams to support multiple government related operations. 35% YahLive is a partnership between SES and YahSat in Abu Dhabi. YahLive owns and commercialises 23 Ku-band transponders on the Yahsat 1A satellite to provide direct-to-home television capacity and services to numerous countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Southwest Africa. 100% Broadcasts popular free-to-air TV channels in high definition to the German market. 100% Provides total communications capacity for the US government and related agencies, from satellite bandwidth to customised end-to-end solutions with hosted payloads. SES VIDEO SES provides a differentiated global offer with a complete range of value-added services. SES owns or holds strategic participation in several satellite operators: SES NETWORKS COMPANY STRUCTURE