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SIS Live

Written on 14 Sep 2014


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The UK


SIS LIVE operates the largest satellite uplink fleet in Europe, offering comprehensive connectivity solutions including global distribution, media fibre, satellite internet and IP provision and broadcast systems integration services. SIS LIVE also designs and manufactures an award-winning range of satellite products.


SIS LIVE is providing leading UK news organisations ITN and ITV News with a highly specific Ka-band uplink fleet, utilising its market-leading DriveForce antenna. SIS LIVE needed a competitvely priced, occasional use service, for video contribution services as well as communications links to national broadcasters' reginal studios. A key part of this offering was services in the Ka satellite band.


SIS LIVE covers 100,000 hours of live events worldwide each year for events such as Glastonbury Festival and European Tour Golf, delivering approximately 70% of the live news feeds across the UK. This occasional service had to be high performance, flexible and easy to set up.


SES provided Ka-band capacity on the ASTRA 1L satellite positioned at 19.2 degrees East. This covers the UK with a high performance Ka-beam that supports two-way satellite links. As this was the first time SIS LIVE had used the band, SES provided extensive testing and support including loan of SES Ka-band mobile equipment, complementing SIS LIVE's trucks in order to characterise the UK beam. This Ka-band capacity was delivered in a flexible, cost-effective package.


David Meynell, Managing Director of SIS LIVE said, "Having been heavily involved with the first major automated service for ITV and ITN ten years ago we have a deep understanding of the day-to-day needs of fast moving newsgathering organisations. ITV and ITN demand high quality, efficient services delivered by the latest innovative cost-effective technology, and through the utilisation of SES' Ka-band capacity on ASTRA 1L we'll be able to continue to deliver the excellence they've come to expect from us."

Written on 14 Sep 2014