47.5˚ W

SES-14's mission

The C-band payload of SES-14 will replace NSS-806 and will support SES’s cable neighborhood in Latin America. The Ku-band payload augments the Ku-band capacity on NSS-806 with wide beams and high throughput spot beams covering the Americas and the North Atlantic Region. The Ku-band spot beams will allow SES to support the increasing demand for aeronautical and maritime mobility applications, cellular backhaul, broadband delivery, and VSAT services for enterprise and government segments. The Ku-band wide beams are designed to provide video and data services in Latin America, the Caribbean, and across the North Atlantic. SES-14 also carries the Global-Scale Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD) as a hosted payload for NASA.

Launch date:

26 January 2018

Launch vehicle:

Ariane 5 ECA

Satellite manufacturer:

Airbus Defense and Space

Designed lifetime:

15 years





Ku-band HTS outer contours

Ku-band coverage

Brazil Ku-band beam

United States East Ku-band beam

VPEC Ku-band beam

Brazil South East Ku-band beam

Atlantic Ku-band beam



Europe America C-band beam

Global C-band beam

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