SES Networks

Transforming legacy mines into flexible, future proof smart mines simplifies mining operations so onsite and remotely located personnel can focus on improving metrics and pit to port productivity and yield, not managing complex communications, IT and OT systems.

Mining operations using low latency, fiber equivalent connectivity and differentiated Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities benefit from application aware access to internet, cloud and private network content and business applications and enhanced mobile 3G and 4G/LTE device performance at mines worldwide. SES Networks mining operators can simply and quickly uplink/downlink via satellite to and from cloud and edge applications, sensors, and remotely controll mining vehicles, robots and equipment to gain true process and operations efficiency.

With Mining Solutions, you will benefit from:

  • Converging multiple IT/OT and cloud-based applications on a unified platform
  • Using IP-based collaboration platforms for voice, video and radio communications
  • Remotely monitoring and controlling mining equipment and critical operations tasks
  • Implementing autonomous trucks and automated processes for delivery of materials
  • Automatically performing preventative maintenance tasks triggered from alerts
  • Video monitoring of harvesting and the entire pit to port production process

Learn about our Mining solutions, download the Mining Datasheet

Mining Datasheet

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