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Standard Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum booking per service is fifteen (15) minutes, with increments of five (5) minutes. They will be prorated from the hourly rate.
  • On US Domestic capacity only, increments of fifteen (15) minutes are standard.
  • Non-US Domestic bookings to be confirmed in writing by the customer to SES OU booking e-mail address or through STARS Online*. This confirmation must include company information, name of person placing order, relevant reference numbers and/or contact names.
  • SES reserves the right to change frequencies and/or satellite with substantially equivalent capacity serving customer’s required coverage area with a minimum notice period of twenty-four (24) hours prior to commencement of service.
  • Capacity assigned for occasional use is placed on a rolling booking window up to one hundred and twenty (120) days. Rolling windows are subject to change without notice by SES.
  • SES’ standard terms and conditions for Occasional Use Services shall apply to any booking.
  • Invoices will be issued monthly by SES with payment due within thirty (30) days of invoice. Bookings on the ASTRA fleet will be billed in Euros; bookings on the other SES satellites will be billed in US Dollars.



Cancellation by the customer of confirmed bookings are subject to cancellation charges as per the Occasional Use Service Agreement between the customer and SES. Services which are shortened from their original firm booked time will incur cancellation charges for the portion of the service which has been reduced.


Fifteen (15) minute tests are free of charge for any service lasting three (3) hours or longer. This applies to one (1) test period per event. Customers are advised to book the free test at the time of booking the (3 hours or longer) event. If the test is booked at a later time, customers must quote the SES service reference and the event name in order to qualify for the free 15 minute test. Free test bookings cannot be made using our online booking system, but must be confirmed by one of our booking offices.


SES offers approx outs in fifteen (15) minute increments, with a maximum of thirty (30) minutes, subject to availability.  All approx outs will be firm booked when confirmed to the customer via email. It is the customer's responsibility to goodnight the feed with the PMOC (+31 70 3064 242 - for services on the international or US domestic fleet) or the ASTRA Access Centre (+352 710 725 731 - for services on the ASTRA fleet). If there is no goodnight with the PMOC or the ASTRA Access Centre, the customer is held liable for charges for the entire approx out.


SES offers ‘pencil bookings’ (tentative bookings, subject to confirmation or challenge) to customers on most connectivities for within the booking window, excluding day-of-air. All pencil bookings must be made in writing via e-mail (see contact details below) or through STARS Online. All pencil bookings, which are not confirmed by the customer, may expire, without notice, twenty-four (24) hours prior to the inquired booking. In the event a pencil booking is challenged by another customer’s firm request, SES will notify the customer (including weekends and overnights). If SES does not hear from the customer within twenty-four (24) hours of the challenge, the pencil booking will be automatically dropped from the system. In the event that a challenge is won, the firm booking carries a 100% cancellation charge.


Operating arrangements

  • Orders for service are placed with the SES OU Booking office or on-line prior to service.
  • Service extensions are coordinated by the SES OU Booking office/on-line tool, the PMOC or the ASTRA Access Centre.
  • When ordering service, customer must provide the SES Earth Station identification number together with a 24/7 customer contact telephone number.
  • Transmitting earth stations must contact the SES PMOC or the ASTRA Access Centre five (5) minutes prior to start of transmission. Transmit antennas are required to follow the SES Satellite Access Procedures, a copy of which is available to customer upon request. In the event that customer fails to follow the required procedures or customer's antenna is refused access to the satellite for failure to meet required specifications, all charges for this service will continue to apply.


Read here our Online Booking Guide

For support from the Global Occasional Use team, please contact [email protected]