05 - 09 SEP 2022
Johannesburg Expo Centre

Electra Mining Africa

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Electra Mining Africa

As energy companies are under pressure to offset regulation and rising costs by increasing efficiency. Industry wide, firms are increasing profitability by moving IT and Operational Technology (OT) to the cloud. Digital success relies on bulletproof broadband. In an industry where safety is everything, there is no room for delay in applications such as videoconferencing, offshore monitoring, real-time data analytics, and critical cloud workloads.

Meet the SES team of experts at Electra Mining Africa to discover the next-level connectivity - O3b mPOWER, how it can provide high-performance connectivity for your digital transformation and scalable, reliable internet to enable smart mining.

Learn more about SES’s next generation O3b mPOWER constellation and ‘The Power of MEO’ operating in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) - this revolutionary new satellite system is capable of relaying multiple gigabits per second to a single location and offers incredible flexibility in how and where you deploy your resources, giving you the power to respond swiftly and effectively to changes in network demands.

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