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To grow your business, you need to seamlessly extend your network into untapped markets. Whether you’re providing services to ships, aircraft, mobile subscribers, businesses, or government sites, your success depends on an optimal mix of network coverage, scale, performance, and cost. Striking the right balance is increasingly challenging, as your customers adopt a more diverse range of services, including high-capacity, low-latency applications delivered from the cloud.

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At SES Networks, we understand your challenges, and have invested in networks and platforms designed with your success in mind. With the industry's only multi-orbit satellite fleet, we open more markets, enable more applications, and reach more end users than any other satellite provider. Our fleet of more than 70 operational satellites span Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), enabling you to optimise your connectivity in terms of coverage, capacity, latency, and cost.
Combine GEO- and MEO-based connections and use multiple frequency bands to increase availability, and optimise traffic flows according to your own application-level policies. Offer your customers stronger service level agreements, better resiliency, and a higher quality of experience than available via single-orbit solutions.

Matching the scale, performance, and agility of our satellite fleet, our global ground infrastructure enables optimised bandwidth utilisation, defined coverage areas, and consistent and predictable service performance. Working together, our networks and platforms provide the foundation you need to extend your network and grow your business.

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