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Improving Lives Through e-Platforms

In under-served communities, connectivity enables a wide variety of e-applications. Whether it’s connecting remote clinics with medical professionals and educational institutions around the world to improve the standard of care, ensuring free and fair elections in developing nations, or bringing the benefits of connectivity to unconnected communities to bridge the digital divide, SES Networks can help.

More than providing technical competencies, SES Networks develops innovative, state-of-the-art engineering services to enable e-government, e-health and e-education platforms to improve the lives of millions of people. Our service portfolio is continuously expanding and adapting to fill the gap where conventional solutions reach their limits.

Customers will benefit from:

  • 30 years of satellite experience and expertise
  • Integrated end-to-end satellite solutions
  • Operational services tailored to customers’ individual needs

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Remote and under-served communities suffer from a chronic lack of quality healthcare services. This is due to inadequate IT infrastructure, lack of well-educated professionals, and difficulty accessing these services. At the same time, broadband is limited or non-existent in many rural areas, and existing systems do not work together.

SATMED brings together services for medical care, education and health management, in a unique, easy-to-use platform that can be accessed anywhere. It integrates the best applications for e-health and mobile health with cloud services for sharing and storing sensitive patient data to enable communication and collaboration between healthcare professionals around the world.

Accessed via the web through a single login, SATMED brings together a wide array of capabilities, from secure storage of medical records to medical imaging, and virtual consultation to e-learning. The system requires no additional IT infrastructure at the local site, and can even provide broadband internet in remote areas where connectivity is not available, via the SES Networks global satellite fleet. To date, successful SATMED pilot projects have been deployed with partner NGOs in Benin, Eritrea, Niger, the Philippines and Bangladesh.

Customers will benefit from:

  • Essential and secure communication links
  • Support for multiple end-to-end services adapted for healthcare needs
  • The provision of high-speed broadband internet when needed


Connected Solar Infrastructure

In areas where basic utilities such as electricity are limited, providing consistent and reliable internet presents a challenge. Any connectivity solution must overcome difficulties inherent in deploying a terrestrial broadband infrastructure, as well as providing a reliable power supply.

Thanks to partners at leading solar energy providers, we have combined satellite and solar power to provide a solution that overcomes both challenges. Solar technology provides electricity for all systems, including the satellite dish, enabling internet access in under-served areas to connect schools, health clinics, and other essential e-applications.

Customers will benefit from:

  • A single solution that addresses the need for both electricity and connectivity
  • High-speed broadband internet access to bridge the digital divide
  • 30 years of expertise developing solutions tailored to specific needs

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