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At SES, we believe that working together with our partners is the best path to scale our business. Our end customers want communication solutions, not simply bandwidth. By combining a variety of technology, services, sales, and applications, we can unlock the power of partnerships to expand our collective reach and uncover new opportunities.

This approach requires a fundamental change in the way we currently do business. Making the move from transactional relationships to value-based partnerships means we can build on each other’s competences to take us both to the next level of success.

Designed to be resource rich and easy to use for partners to grow their business with SES, the Partner Programme places transparency and mutual accountability at the heart of everything we do. Our ultimate aims are to maximise growth potential, expand our customer bases, and generate new business opportunities, all while strengthening the connections that will help us deliver more value to our end customers.

To ensure we remain focused on value-based business goals, we use advanced engagement models such as business planning sessions, marketing plans, market development funds, training and certifications. Our Partner Investment Programme provides the opportunity for cost-sharing, whether on marketing campaigns, specialised training, a sales and marketing specialist, or a capital investment.

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Jorge Villalba

"Our business has definitely been favorably impacted by partnering with SES Networks. The solutions they've provided has allowed us to explore new markets and regions and expand our portfolio of solutions."
Jorge Villalba, Country Manager Axesat