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In-flight Connectivity is transforming the airline industry.

Once considered a luxury, inflight Wi-Fi connectivity is becoming the new standard worldwide.

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Why a connected oil field is critical to long-term success in the oil and gas industry

The digitalization of the oil and gas market holds the potential to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase margins

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Expanded Coverage Meets Superior User Experience

With the only fleet of multi-orbit satellites (MEO+GEO), SES Networks’ managed physical and virtual network services and solutions empower telecom and mobile network operators (MNOs)

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How government agencies can prepare their technologies ahead of hurricane season

Emergency plans are reliant on technologies that can provide network connectivity in even the worst situations. This article explains how satellite connectivity contributes to effective emergency response planning and execution.

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Connecting Peru on Land and at Sea with SES Networks

At Axesat, we’re focused on creating opportunities for our partners and customers in Peru and across Latin America.

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