MX1 and SES

With MX1 and SES merging together, we can handle every aspect of delivering your content to audiences around the globe, including content management, channel playout, content distribution, and content monetisation.

As viewers access more screens and platforms than ever before, they control how, where, and when they consume video content—creating more opportunities for you to reach new audiences, and better engage your viewers. That’s why, at SES, we’re expanding our video offering.

With our portfolio of end-to-end hybrid video solutions, we can help you maximise viewer engagement across all your distribution platforms. We’ll bring together all your processes into one managed solution, driving value for your business by ensuring your video workflows are efficient and coordinated. This helps you remain focused on what you do best—creating exceptional content.

Benefits that you as a customer will receive include:

  • A one-stop shop where all your requirements for distribution networks so you can remain focused on creating the highest quality content
  • A trusted partner with additional capabilities and tools to deliver a linear, non-linear, on demand, device agnostic experience to the end consumer to deliver the most immersive viewing experience
  • The capabilities to work with world-class providers of future capable cloud-based network that will enable you the freedom to better monetise your content