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The Broadcasting World Is On the Cusp of a Revolution

Video consumption habits have evolved dramatically. In today’s fragmented media landscape, pay-TV operators in Latin America need to reinvent their content delivery models to better fulfil demand for more content choices and high-quality HD services.

Cutting-edge Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) is now pushing picture quality to new heights, fuelling the launch of larger, more powerful screens. At the same time, online video viewing is fast gaining popularity among a new generation of viewers, pushing video content to every screen and on every device.

  • Ultra HD services are hitting the mainstream

  • Consumers want more multiscreen choices and enriched viewing experiences

Demand for pay-TV is booming globally. It’s time to reinvent your business models and consider how best to keep up with consumer demands for new viewing experiences – at any place and any time, across any device.

Capturing the Next Wave of Video Growth With SES

Together, let’s explore how our fleet presence and satellite service offerings in Latin America are providing the perfect bandwidth capabilities for you to deliver the right content, to the right audiences, at the right time.

The launch of the new SES-10 further boosts our ability to connect subscribers in Latin America to a whole new world of entertainment, and unlock a video market of immense potential.  

  • Scheduled for launch at the 67°W orbital position in Q4 of 2016
  • 60 Ku-band transponders for DTH broadcasting services, with an optimum elevation angle for Latin America
  • Extensive coverage from Mexico to Argentina in 3 beams
  • Access to a host of value-added media solutions from SES


Ultra HD is here, and it’s estimated that by 2020 over 50% of U.S homes will own a 4K TV. Using the multicasting capability of the DOCSIS 3.0  transmission standard and traditional digital TV, SES’s Ultra HD solution is helping to escalate the national and global rollout of Ultra HD programming. Unlike current internet-delivered 4K offerings, SES’s fully-managed Ultra HD solution, delivered over dedicated bandwidth, provides a higher quality viewer experience, free of buffering and network congestion.

You will benefit from:

  • Strong regional expertise
  • Experience with the world’s number one DTH platform provider
  • More reach than any other satellite provider
  • Flexible solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Contact us to arrange for a one-to-one consultation with SES, and learn how we can help you unlock your growth aspirations in Latin America and beyond.