Networks in Latin America

Maximizing Data Growth with Satellite - Across the Americas

Connectivity and mobility are now seen as absolute necessities for consumers today. Whether it’s for checking emails or online video-streaming, more users are consuming more data bandwidth, everywhere they go, every single day.

This demand for “anytime, anywhere, any device” communications has driven data traffic up to unprecedented levels. And the same dynamics are taking shape in the world of enterprise connectivity.

Across diverse industries such as telecommunications, energy, utilities and banking, establishing always-on connectivity has become the first order of business. This results in a growing demand for VSAT networks to connect numerous corporate sites and branch offices, even those located in remote areas.

Added to the mix is the promise of mobility communications, with airlines and maritime operators looking to address increased “BYOD” (bring your own device) usage of passengers and crew members alike. As such, providing better and more mobility services is seen as an important strategy for service providers to boost the growth of their business and drive additional revenue opportunities.

Our upcoming High Throughput Satellite (HTS) fleet will enable us to take our customers further into the broadband market, opening up new markets and opportunities for their business. The HTS payloads aboard SES-12, SES-14 and SES-15 are supported by O3b's Medium Earth Orbit connectivity solutions to bring a new and unique value proposition for our customers.

With the recent launch of SES Plus, our new satellite data network, we are poised to offer greater flexibility and scalability through customised solutions across different data and mobility segments. This includes our new Maritime+ and Aero+ offerings, designed to help our customers deliver the ultimate data experience for their passengers—whether in the sky or at sea.

Partnering and collaborating with us

Our global scale, deep industry knowledge, and vast international expertise make us an ideal partner in specialised business application solutions.

The Chief Technology Officer of Tecnor (RigNet), Alejandro Pilato, said, “SES has been of great support to us, particularly in addressing the requirements and needs of our clients in the context of the availability, quality, and the expansion of our service. Centric View is an application we have designed together with SES. It offers us the possibility to provide our clients with a tool to monitor the weather, service quality, availability and even the exact geographical location of their vessels in real time, a tool that demonstrates an understanding of high service quality by both SES and Tecnor.”

He added, “SES not only proved its understanding of Mexican culture but also of Tecnor’s corporate culture.”

The New Era of Data Connectivity is Here

Staying connected anytime, anywhere, and on any device is fast becoming a necessity in today’s digital age, challenging the traditional boundaries of both consumer and enterprise connectivity. Satellite technology remains the only viable solution to this surge for data, as they deliver the ubiquity, reach, and bandwidth to help mobile operators usher in the new era of connectivity.

At SES, we believe that satellite holds the key to realizing the full potential of an increasingly connected and data-centric world. From high-speed broadband access to mission-critical communications, SES is committed to enabling our customers to extend their reach across the Americas beyond.

We Provide:

  • Strong regional expertise with an established global network to help our customers expand beyond the Americas
  • Next-generation solutions, complemented by a robust teleport network and satellite infrastructure, to meet next-generation connectivity needs
  • Enhanced connectivity solutions tailored to meet the demanding requirements of a wide range of vertical-specific applications