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Written on 22 Jul 2010


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Win-win situation for broadcasters, retailers and viewers

HD+ offers unparalleled benefits to TV broadcasters, retailers and viewers in Germany and  is a good example of how SES is successfully extending its value chain to include much more than mere satellite capacity.

The financial challenge

In recent years Germany has led the way in the high-definition TV (HDTV) revolution. But for broadcasters it is a financially challenging path to take. Switching to HDTV involves modernising the entire production chain from studio cameras to playout technology and additional transmission capacity requirements. But how could they finance such a huge investment?

The innovative answer: HD+

HD+ began broadcasting commercial channels in HD quality via the ASTRA satellite system. Viewers who buy a HD+ set-top box receive HD+ free of charge for several months and thereafter pay an annual service charge of just €60.

Clear benefits for commercial broadcasters

By fulfilling three basic requirements:

  • Recovering the additional cost of broadcasting in HD quality
  • Effectively preventing content being pirated
  • Safeguarding the future of a business model financed by advertising revenue

HD+ has proved a huge success with Germany’s commercial broadcasters. These broadcasters benefit from the one-stop-shop service provided by SES Platform Services (SPS). Encryption, playout and satellite uplink services ensure that the content is transmitted to viewers securely, reliably and in optimum HD quality.

Enriched viewing experience for German audiences

A viewer described the quantum leap from SD and HD television like this: “The difference between an SD and a HD picture is only really apparent when you can directly compare programmes. It’s amazing!” Viewers in Germany profit from the enriched experience of 20 commercial channels and all 30 free TV channels all of them in high-definition quality. This HDTV offering comes free for a trial period and then at a fair price, with no customer necessarily bound by contract to HD+.

A unique business model

HD+ is an interesting business model for TV retailers who can offer their customers an outstanding viewing experience marked by plug-and-play ease of use and then look forward to the majority of them coming back 12 months later to renew their HD+ card. HD+ is a win-win situation for every stakeholder in the broadcasting value chain.

Written on 22 Jul 2010