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Written on 09 Sep 2011


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Fully owned and operated by MediaScape, Cignal is the leading satellite television provider, bringing DTH services to the Philippines. Since its launch in 2009, Cignal has expanded its channel offering to include a bundle of the most popular HD channels covering a wide range of interests, including HBO HD, ESPN HD, Food Network HD, NBA Premium HD, National Geographic HD and History HD.


To address the country's growing appetite for high-quality television programming.


Cignal serves 400,000 subscribers in the Philippines.


The partnership between SES and Cignal has enabled the successful expansion of Cignal's HD channel offering, while also addressing the trend in the Filipino market of migration from analogue to digital television and meeting the increased demands of the early adopters of digital HDTV content.


“Filipino consumers have greatly changed their perception of satellite TV over the years,” says Annie Naval, MediaScape’s Managing Director, Sales & Marketing. “Negative perceptions of being expensive and cumbersome have been replaced with perception of quality and value for money. It is important that the service provides just the right value to them, with a balance between the benefits and cost. We believe consumers look for quality of reception, the right mix of channels, affordability and good customer service. It is really all about the experience.”

Written on 09 Sep 2011