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Featured Channel: Travelxp 4K

Featured Channel: Travelxp 4K

Travelxp 4K

Travelxp 4K is the world’s first 4K Ultra HD High Dynamic Range (HDR) channel. It launched in North America on our satellites, with complete programming in Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) HDR.

Travelxp 4K aims to show its viewers the world’s most spectacular destinations – with a zest, colour and they have never experienced before. The content is filmed at the highest possible quality, and mastered in 10 bit Rec 2020 colour space, to provide viewers with more vibrant, varied and realistic colors. Travelxp 4K lets viewers feel like they are in the scene, even while sitting in their living room.

Travelxp 4K offers 100% original premium travel and lifestyle programming, including innovative documentaries, and cutting-edge factual infotainment in the genres of destination, food, culture, lifestyle, heritage and nature. Filmed all over the world, Travelxp 4K is a new venture from Travelxp HD, which is currently distributed to more than 50 million homes worldwide.

“It is not just about more pixels, but better pixels as well. We firmly believe that 4K Ultra HD with HDR is a true game changer, especially in the linear broadcast and distribution ecosystem. Our choice of HLG HDR was to provide backwards compatibility with existing standard dynamic range (SDR) TV sets. We have successfully demonstrated that with HLG HDR, though the workflows are expensive and time consuming, it is possible to deliver an unimaginable viewing experience to any 4K Ultra HD TV. Getting to this point was a collaborated effort with SES, as well as the kind help of the BBC. This team effort enabled us to achieve the right balance between SDR and HDR reproduction quality. The results are truly stunning. Unbelievable,” says Prashant Chothani, CEO of Travelxp 4K.

A large and growing number of 2017 Ultra HD TVs support HLG HDR, and TV manufacturers are looking to provide firmware upgrades to some 2016 Ultra HD HDR TVs so that more TV audiences can experience 4K Ultra HD in HLG HDR.

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