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Featured Channel: Funbox

Written on 02 Nov 2017


FunBox 4K lets you explore breathtaking places, meet extraordinary people, and see incredible cultural events. Enjoy it all with amazingly vivid colors, unbeatable contrast, and a level of detail you simply have to experience on your own. Travel to a bustling metropolis, or one of the world’s most remote areas, and see treasures of history or the beauty of the wilderness. Experience a visual celebration of the natural world around us – from the teeming Amazon rainforest to the hostile desert of the Himalayan glaciers. Get into the action of extreme sports like helicopter skiing, extreme climbing, and stunt skydiving. Turn your living room into a music venue, and see the best operas and rock concerts from around the world. Watch world cinema classics and award-winning productions from major international film festivals. Explore the lifestyles of celebrities, chefs, yacht owners and fashion models… all on Funbox 4K. Provided through Vivicast Media.

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Written on 02 Nov 2017


Funbox Programming Highlights