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Featured Channel: Fashion One 4K

Written on 22 Sep 2017

Fashion One 4K


Fashion One 4K is the first live 24/7 4K Ultra HD fashion, lifestyle and entertainment channel. Operated by Fashion One International Limited globally and Fashion Television International Limited in Europe, it offers audiences the latest fashion industry updates and exclusive interviews with designers and celebrities. Available as a linear cable/satellite channel via our 4K Ultra HD multiplex, Fashion One 4K has the ultimate backstage pass to keep you looking your best. As one of the most distributed special interest channels, the network reaches an audience of more than 400 million viewers in more than 44 countries.

Fashion, as it pertains to television, goes beyond the limits of just runways and models. Viewers can find fashion, trends and style everywhere, including photography, street style, beauty tips, designer retrospectives and the latest celebrity trends. This channel reveals fashion in all aspects of life.

Fashion One 4K offers a vast library of 4K Ultra HD content on fashion, trends and lifestyle, plus the network’s own production of original programming, including reality shows, travelogues, documentaries, fashion & entertainment news, and much more. There’s something for everyone who wants to enjoy a fashionable lifestyle. Viewers can finally enjoy high quality 24/7 fashion entertainment in 4K Ultra HD.

Keep watching for these exciting Fashion One 4K titles:

  • Stefanie’s Style Diaries Vancouver (2-part travelogue series)
  • Design Genius Los Angeles (6-episode reality competition series)
  • Design Genius London (6-episode reality competition series)
  • Design Genius Antwerp (4-episode reality competition series)
  • The Campaign (6-episode reality competition series)
  • No Grey Skies (6-episode reality series)
  • Wardrobe Warriors (6-episode reality competition series)
  • Fashion 24 Hours (6-episode docu-series)
  • Hair and Make-up Confidentials (4-episode style series)
  • Catwalk Stories (ongoing docu-special series)
  • Trend Watch (3-episode style series)
  • On the Label (ongoing docu-special series)
  • Weekend Tours (7-episode fashion travel series)

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Written on 22 Sep 2017


Fashion One 4K Programming Highlights