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SES iDAFRICA20 - The Webinar Series

SES iDAFRICA20 - The Webinar Series

9 - 13 November 2020


Content and consumption: where are African viewers to be found?

Tuesday 10 November
12:30 CAT (followed by Live Q&A)

  • Exploring how and where African viewers are watching
  • How does consumption change depending on viewing platform?
  • Creating content that works for different environments 
  • How to measure the impact and success of multi-platform content


  • Clint Brown - Vice President, Sales and Market Development, SES Video Africa, SES
  • Amman Fissehazion - Chairman at Association of Ethiopian Broadcasters & CEO, EBS TV
  • Valentine Gaudin - Muteba - Managing Director Southern Africa & Regional Director Anglophone Africa, TRACE
  • Abdulai Awudu - General Manager, Multimedia Group (MultiTV & Adom Brands), Multimedia Group Lt

Moderator: Clare Kandola, Founder and CEO, The Vidya Collective

Technologies that will Transform Telecoms and 5G

Tuesday 10 November
14:30 CAT (followed by Live Q&A)

  • Expectations for the 5G SA standards and when will it become a mainstream technology?
  • The role of Open Networks technologies in 5G: market appetite, expectations, timelines and requirements
  • Building technologies for specific use cases; Does one size fit all and what options are economically viable for telcos
  • AI + 5G: Innovative applications and vision
  • Deployment models and new services from commercial standalone and new core
  • Dynamic spectrum sharing to achieve faster coverage
  • The role and collaboration with hyperscalers for 5G
  • Relieving network congestion and realising low latency edge computing


  • Imran Malik, VP, Global Sales Fixed Data, SES Networks, SES
  • Sigal Barda, VP Product, Head of 5G Portfolio, Ribbon
  • Nicholas Naidu, Managing Executive: Technology Strategy, Architecture & Innovation, Vodacom South Africa
  • Schalk Visser, CTO, Cell C

Moderator: Thecla Mbongue - Senior Research Analyst, Omdia

Virtual Booth Sessions
Automated webinars with Q&A

Extending Networks Anywhere Forum:
11 November, 11:00 CAT: Co-Creating Cloud Solutions in Space - Sergy Mummert
11 November, 15:30 CAT: Redrawing the Boundaries of Enterprise Services - Karl Horne
12 November, 14:00 CAT: Accelerating the Deployment of 5G - Alexander Geurtz

Automated interviews with Q&A

10 November, 11:00 CAT: Evolution of iDAfrica and SES business in Africa - Thomas Wrede
10 November, 15:30 CAT: Managed Mobile Backhaul - Shira Levine
11 November, 10:00 CAT: Next generation single channels, case study: Ethiosat - Abdikadir Awabdi
11 November, 14:00 CAT: Satellite Monitor: A tool for shaping the future of your broadcast business - Theodore Asampong
12 November, 11:00 CAT: Content Monetisation: Make your content work smarter - Daniel Kiessling
13 November, 11:00 CAT: SES 360 - Bringing Operational Ease to Your Business - Doron Bentov

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Event support contact

Oyoenisai Andrew-Essien
[email protected]