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SES iD21 - Webinar Series

SES iD21 - Webinar Series

SES Industry Days - Webinar series
1, 2 and 3 June 2021

iD21 is an SES initiative to support industry, technology, innovation and business development. Our aims are:

  • To provide an open forum for discussion with our industry partners and business contacts
  • To advance the world of broadcasting, video, cloud and telecommunications
  • To identify technology collaborations and explore future business opportunities

What can you expect?

  • Five Live Webinar Sessions including live Q&A - with prominent industry experts including our SES leadership team
  • SES and industry partners' virtual exhibition available on demand from the 25th of May, 2021
  • Interactive topic specific breakout sessions hosted by SES and industry partners experts

Why should you attend?

  • Get updates from industry experts on what’s important in the media, cloud and satellite industries
  • Hear from market analysts, industry experts and SES management
  • Gain new insights and updates on Satellite, Broadcasting, Cloud innovations and more
  • Network with your peers in our virtual breakout rooms


June 1 - Satellite industry update & CEO panel session
2:00 – 3:30 PM CEST / Live webcast followed by Q&A

Satellite industry transformation: shaping the future

The opening session of ID21 examines the development of the satellite industry and provides insight into how SES plans to shape that future. You will find out how cloud services are transforming broadcasting and two-way satellite communications services. Explore how the proliferation of non-geostationary satellite orbits (NGSO) systems will redefine the satellite industry as a whole, and you will have an opportunity to debate the future with our speakers.


  • Pacôme Révillon / EUROCONSULT
  • Steve Collar / SES
  • JP Hemingway / SES
  • Stewart Sanders / SES
  • Moderator: Thomas Wrede / TECHNOLOGY VISION CONSULTING
Day 1
June 2 - Cloud day
2:00 – 3:00 PM CEST

Cloud revolutionising the media industry

Cloud is presenting many opportunities for the broadcast industry. But what are the set objectives when migrating video services to the cloud? Are these objectives being met?  Does everything need to be managed in the cloud and how is a satellite operator developing cloud video solutions? In this session we will examine the future of the cloud within the media industry.​


  • Tom Griffiths / ITV
  • Rob Gambino / HARMONIC
  • Yvonne Bertalot / SES
  • Moderator: Thomas Wrede / TECHNOLOGY VISION CONSULTING
Day 2_1

3:00 – 4:00 PM CEST

Satellite, Cloud and 5G: ready to converge​​

Next-generation 5G use cases are driving enterprises and mobile operators to evaluate how they can leverage edge compute technologies to lower latency, enhance security and reduce congestion on the core 5G network. As functions move to the edge, reliable, seamless connectivity from the core to the edge becomes more important than ever. Join this webinar to learn more about how satellite network operators are partnering with cloud service providers to deliver 5G-ready connectivity from any edge node or remote site to any cloud platform, ensuring that end users can capitalise on 5G applications – anywhere.


  • Rainer Kellerhals / MICROSOFT CORPORATION
  • Michael Mossal / NTT
  • Jacques Bonifay / TRANSATEL
  • Karl Horne / SES
Day 2_2
June 3 - Industry breakthrough day
2:00 – 3:00 PM CEST

Transforming broadcast audience analytics

Traditional methods of measuring broadcast audiences have varying methods of evaluating and reporting data based on sample audience sizes, including surveys and panels. However, in today’s world of multiscreen video, challenges such as the ability to micro-target audiences, the consolidation of data sources, as well as the integration and granularity of data are important to overcome for broadcast TV platforms, especially when you compare this to online tools. With the need to better understand content and advertising performance, how can media companies gain better actionable insights for advertisers and programmers?  In this session we will discuss key trends and findings of measuring audiences in TV broadcasting and how this is driving new requirements for the industry.​


  • Jonathan Marshall / TVA GROUP
  • Richard Marks / RESEARCH THE MEDIA
  • Ariel Nishri / SES 
  • Moderator: Paul Freeman / SES

3:00 – 4:00 PM CEST

The NGSO landscape: maximising advantages in orbit

To date, the industry discussion about Non-Geostationary Satellite Orbit competition has focused largely on the advantages and trade-offs of orbital altitude, with an emphasis on space segment latency and global footprint. However, as enterprises and government agencies require better security, data sovereignty, and flexibility in data transport and physical network definition, advantages related to architectural flexibility are rising in importance, complimenting orbital characteristics to meet challenging market requirements. The ability to physically partition an NGSO system’s resources to secure customer traffic, support multiple, disparate network topologies, and enable greater flexibility in traffic routing is creating a new level of value in satellite network services. Join our webinar for an in-depth discussion of how architectural flexibility and orbital altitude are working together to reshape the NGSO competitive landscape.​


  • Henry Kongevold / MARLINK
  • Tim Farrar / TMF ASSOCIATES
  • Steve Chacko / SES
Day 3_2
Breakout Sessions

June 2

4:00 - 5:00 PM CEST
The Intersection of Space and 5G/IoT
Hosted by: SES Speakers: Karl Horne (SES), Alexander Geurtz (SES), Gint Atkinson (SES)
Join SES as we discuss how the satellite industry can enable the reach of 5G and IoT capabilities. This interactive session will explore key applications, architectural models, and collaboration models, including orchestration and control approaches. We’ll tell you what we think – tell us what you think!
Shifting from MPEG-TS to full Native-IP delivery
Hosted by: ATEME Speakers: Jordi Giménez (5G-MAG), Mickael Raulet (ATEME)
MPEG-TS has been used for decades in the broadcasting world. The transition from analog to digital combined with the emergence of IP networks led to the creation of alternative technologies to deliver video on such networks and devices. This session will discuss how a common IP mechanism can be implemented in application-oriented SDO such as ATSC, DVB, or 3GPP.
World’s first satellite capacity aggregator unveils new look cloud platform neXat
Hosted by: Sat ADSL Speakers: Bruno Henrion (Rascomstar), Fulvio Sansone (Sat ADSL)
neXat is the name of SatADSL’s flagship PaaS, a complete OSS/BSS in the cloud that acts as an intermediary platform between teleport & hub operators and the marketplace.
5G Video: Designing the future of boundless experiences
Hosted by: NOVELSAT Speakers: Aviv Ronai (NOVELSAT), Ziv Mor (NOVELSAT)
Empowering 5G networks to meet the video delivery challenges, quickly and efficiently, and enabling MNOs to deliver next-generation high-quality video content everywhere on any user device.


June 3

4:00 - 5:00 PM CEST
Open Space. Open Ground
Hosted by: ISOTROPIC Speakers: Steve Chacko (SES), Brian Billman (Isotropic Systems)
Unlocking the new opportunities of multi-orbit, multi-service connectivity from the ground up.
How to sail the ocean of codecs?
Hosted by: ATEME Speakers: Thibaud Biatek (ATEME), Jason Power (DOLBY)
During the last decade, the video codec landscape has been disrupted by new entrants, leading to the development of five new codecs (VVC, EVC, LC-EVC, AV1 and AVS3). This session will explore the perspective of these numerous codecs in the current video ecosystem.
Breaking New Ground: How can New Ground enable New Space?
Hosted by: ST Engineering Speakers: Jo De Loor (ST Engineering iDirect), Frederik Simoens (ST Engineering iDirect), Bart Van Poucke (ST Engineering iDirect), Simon Gatty Saunt (SES)
The satellite industry is innovating as never before. The future will see the launch of new, mega, software-defined, multi-orbit constellations, promising thousands of terabits of high-speed capacity. It's a true revolution in the design, manufacture and launch of satellites and it's rocking our world. But the innovation is not just happening in space. It's happening here, on the ground. We are seeing new technologies, new approaches and true determination from ground segment players to make sure they can provide the framework and the infrastructure to bring about these ambitious plans.


Pacome Revillon
Pacôme Révillon
Euroconsult CEO
Steve Collar
Steve Collar
JP Hemingway
John-Paul Hemingway
CEO, SES Networks
Stewart Sanders
SES EVP Technology, O3b mPOWER Program Lead
Thomas Wrede
Thomas Wrede
Technology Vision Consulting UG Founder and Managing Director
Tom Griffiths
Tom Griffiths
ITV Director of Technology - Content Supply & Distribution
Robert Gambino
Harmonic Director of Solutions
Tom Morrod
Tom Morrod
Caretta Research Research Director and co-founder
Yvonne Bertalot
Yvonne Bertalot
SES Director, Segment Market Management, Broadcasters
Rainer Kellerhals
Rainer Kellerhals
Microsoft Corporation Managing Director, Media & Communications EMEA
Rick Lievano
Microsoft Corporation CTO, Worldwide Telecommunications Industry
Michael Mossal
NTT LTD. Luxembourg Director Digital Transformation
Jacques Bonifay
Transatel (NTT Group) CEO
Karl Horne
Karl Horne
SES VP, SMM Fixed Data
Jonathan Marshall
Jonathan Marshall
Richard Marks
Richard Marks
asi Conferences Research Director
Ariel Nishri
Ariel Nishri
SES VP, Product Development
Paul Freeman
Paul Freeman
SES VP, Growth Marketing
Henry Kongevold
Henry Kongevold
Marlink Chief Engineer
Tim Farrar
Tim Farrar
Telecom, Media and Finance Associates, Inc. President
Steve Chacko
SES O3b mPOWER Product Lead
Alexander Geurtz
SES VP, Segment Market Management, Fixed Data
Gint Atkinson, VP, Network Strategy and Architecture, SES
Gint Atkinson
SES VP, Network Strategy and Architecture
Mickaël Raulet
Jordi Gimenez
5G-MAG Head of Technology
Fulvio Sansone
Bruno Henrion
Rascomstar CTO
Ziv Mor
NOVELSAT Advisory Board Member
Aviv Ronai
NOVELSAT VP, Marketing and Product
Brian Billman
Isotropic Systems VP, Product Management
Thibaud Biatek
ATEME Director of Technology and Standards
Jason Power
Dolby Senior Director, Commercial Partnerships and Standards
Jo De Loor
ST Engineering iDirect VP Market Development and Strategy
Frederik Simoens
ST Engineering iDirect Chief Technology Officer
Bart Van Poucke
Bart Van Poucke
ST Engineering iDirect VP Products
Simon Gatty Saunt
Simon Gatty Saunt
SES Vice President Sales, Global Service Providers

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