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19 - 23 JAN 2019
Honolulu, Hawaii

PTC ’19: From Pipes to Platforms

PTC ’19: From Pipes to Platforms

PTC ’19 is the Pacific Rim’s premier telecommunications event with over 45 nations, 300 organisations and 7,600 attendees coming together to discover, plan and collaborate to better serve the Pacific Islands.

SES Networks’ theme this year, Bandwidth is Just the Beginning, emphasizes our ability to extend the availability of broadband in the Pacific Rim and dramatically expand the range of applications and services that satellite connectivity supports. 

To go beyond a GEO/MEO link. 

To build a migration path to the future. 

To enable tomorrow’s networks…today.

Evolve with your network icon

With a combined multi-orbit satellite fleet and extensive global ground infrastructure, our comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end managed network services and platforms provides the foundation you need to extend your network and grow your business in the Pacific Rim.

Open more markets. Enable more applications. And reach more end users than ever before.

Collaborate, innovate, grow icon

Working with a growing network of technology platforms and partner capabilities, SES Networks enables you to deliver an unparalleled end-user experience by integrating disparate vendor solutions into one end-to-end managed network service.

Satisfy universal service obligations. Create new revenue opportunities. And lower the cost of ownership with turnkey managed partner solutions packaged with our network services.

Solutions without limit

Leveraging innovative space and ground technologies as well as software intelligence, our next-generation constellation and network ecosystem signals a long-term commitment to building on our proven commercial success. Ob3 mPOWER fully integrates with the existing SES fleet and is the highest-capacity, farthest-reaching, and most flexible system ever.

Create & Differentiate. Integrate & Optimize. Economize & Scale. And unleash an entirely new world of opportunity in Asia-Pacific with O3b mPOWER.

Resiliency redefined icon

As the only GEO/MEO satellite-enabled operator with the flexibility to optimize resiliency services on capacity, latency and cost attributes, SES Networks offers a differentiated, future-proof migration path with more application awareness, more security and more network visibility.  

Resilient performance with stronger SLAs. Resilient revenue with true continuity of service. Resilient trust with minimize capital expenditures.

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PTC '19 Event Dates

PTC and PITA Meetings and Networking Opportunities 19 January 2019, Saturday 12:15 pm - 17:00 pm
Conference Day 1 20 January 2019, Sunday 07:30 am - 20:00 pm
Conference Day 2 21 January 2019, Monday 07:30 am - 19:00 pm
Conference Day 3 22 January 2019, Tuesday 05:45 am - 21:30 pm
Conference Day 4 23 January 2019, Wednesday 07:30 am - 21:00 pm

Refer to the full conference schedule



Steve Collar
Steve Collar

Keynote Topic: Vision for Connectivity in the Pacific

Date: 21 January 2019, Monday

Time: 10:10 am – 10:30 am

Location: Tapa 2

In recent years, multi-orbit satellite innovation has driven digital transformation across the Pacific region. SES has built a unique infrastructure and service capability designed to respond to the insatiable demand for data. But what is next? A hyper-connected Pacific is only attainable if we make satellite an integral part of the global cloud-scale network ecosystem, in other words, making satellite mainstream. Together with fibre and wireless, a truly automated, virtualized satellite-based network service platform will pave the way for new applications in IoT, 5G, and enable businesses and communities to prosper.


Panel Session Topic: Satellite Leaders Luncheon

Date: 21 January 2019, Monday

Time: 12:00 am – 14:00 am

Location: Tapa Tower, Honolulu Suite

The satellite industry is in the midst of a transformation promising to change the very dynamics of how satcom service is delivered globally. Lower pricing, enhanced capacity, and telecom-centric offerings all now place satellite squarely alongside the traditional means of telecom transmission. In the Pacific, satellite remains as a critical backbone to communications across a vast, dispersed user base. How then will the current satcom market shifts affect users in the Pacific? Are satellite solutions able to meet the complex video and data requirements in the region, at the right price? This panel of satellite industry leaders will explore these questions and plot the path that satcom plays in the Pacific over the next decade.

Meet the team attending PTC '19:

1. Steve Collar, President and CEO, SES

2. Elias Zaccack, EVP, Global Sales, SES Networks

3. John Turnbull, Sales Director, Australia and Pacific, SES Networks

4. Alan Cheng, Sales Manager, Pacific, SES Networks

5. Robert Stojanovic, Senior Manager, Sales Engineering, Fixed Data APAC, SES Networks

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Our meeting room suite is located at:

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Hilton Hawaiian Village® Waikiki Beach Resort,

Honolulu, Hawaii