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Maritime Digitalisation conference

Maritime Digitalisation conference

The Digital Ship Maritime Digitalisation Forum invite representatives of Norway shipping companies to present and share their experiences and what they see as game-changing technology. The conference promises to be a great way to provide update on the latest digital technology, what it can do and what people are doing with it.

If you're visiting the Nor-Shipping show, join us at the DigitalShip Maritime Digitalisation Conference on June 5 in Norway, be sure to attend the Best Practices on Utilizing Digital Trends session where Stephen Conley, Global Platform Services Manager, SES Networks, will be discussing how digitalisation is transforming the maritime industry.


June 5

Session 2: Best Practices on Utilizing Digital Trends
This session features practical examples from peers how they innovate in search for their digital pathway, what projects they have taken on board, and what it brings to them

11:55 Digitalisation isn't a new technology, it's a new way of doing things
Speaker: Stephen Conley, Global Platform Services Manager, SES Network

Most shipping companies have a digital strategy. For some of them it's about assets and technology. For others, it will represent a novel way for them to reach customers or a new way of doing business. We're not getting a new technology; we're gaining an entirely new way of doing things. Stephen Conley will argue that shipping needs to upgrade its foundations.